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went to a textile museum with [profile] flumpitt a few days ago (WE ARE EXCITING PEOPLE WE DO EXCITING THINGS) and there was no one else around so we got goofy pictures.

at a loom!

giant naked fabric man!

and another!

note that halfway through this outing I realised my tight belt was causing acid reflux (fact: in my body, everything causes acid reflux, even thinking too hard about acid reflux), but when loosened the skirt was trying its best to escape from my body for the rest of the day. CAN'T WIN.

terrifying stuffed horse!

"I must say I enjoyed the horse": best guestbook comment ever.
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DAY FOUR: a song that reminds you of someone

I feel a bit weird when I listen to this song...about a year ago I was listening to this album and I thought, hey! this song reminds me of Shannon, so I tried to figure out a way to tell someone that a sappy sad song made me think of them without actually being that strange, and I decided to give her a copy of the album while offhandedly mentioning that she should listen to this song. only when I did give it to her it was the very end of the day and she was in a bad mood and I was in a bad mood and I was so relieved when she told me she liked Sarah Slean that I sort of just fled the scene without saying anything in particular, haha. and then I was waiting for her to do some sort of "my soundtrack" meme so I could be like "LISTEN TO THIS SAPPY SONG OKAY" but she didn't. OH WELL.


spent a little while (and I had to look at a calendar to check how long because I have no concept of passing time) in Toronto at the residence of [ profile] flumpitt & [ profile] cupofearlgrey & Jeff-who-is-not-on-LJ, and that was cool. saw Matthew Barber which was great, and saw that new Robin Hood movie which was TERRIBLE. so terrible. like, not even the silly bad kind of terrible but the boring painful kind of terrible where half-way through I had to start listening to music so I didn't go insane from the massive shittiness of that movie. ugh.

anyway, their cats are much more interesting to look at than my cats

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guess where I went today! that's right, to a MOTHERFUCKING WATERFALL!!!

Felker's Falls

it was very nice to stand by but difficult to get pictures without falling off the cliff

as the frequent signs helpfully reminded me.

I got a video of it but it's sideways and watching it feels like being in an M.C. Escher print.

then we walked by a creek and I wore myself out scrambling excitedly over little rocks.

not pictured: me, because I never let anyone else hold the camera.

I would be a terrible video game character because my health goes from full to empty with no warning. you'd think I would learn from all the commercials to carry granola bars around with me when I go for walks!

my mom took me to a bookstore to distract me from wanting to see more waterfalls and I realised that I'm out of Temeraire books to read. now I have to wait for the next one with everyone else. 8( buuut I got All My Darling Daughters because Fumi Yoshinaga, so.
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today after I had finished Flipping the Fuck Out we went to see some waterfalls! Hamilton has a lot of these because we are on a lake and everywhere is cliffs and hills (my ears pop at least five times during the drive into town).

Devil's Punch Bowl

Albion Falls

also: shrine to the great doughnut god??

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