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here is something I started a long time ago; it was meant to be a quick and easy thing to get me back into acrylic painting but it ended up taking SO LONG because I kept putting it aside for weeks or months to do other things. MY ATTENTION SPAN, IT IS NOT THE GREATEST. anyway, I recently ruined my main reference photo by spilling a glass of water on it (clever!!) so now I can never finish this properly, but you know what, you know what, I think the point comes across alright as it is and I want to just move on now to something actually interesting and relevant.

seriously, this was ages ago, my hair is like twice that length now.

I just remembered that my copy of The Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls will be getting here soon! HOORAY FOR A SUPER UPSETTING BOOK.
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finally had an opportunity to wear that darn dress. photographic evidence was acquired. HUZZAH.

can't hide that nose no matter how I try to turn my head )

so that was pretty fun!

also: today I bought a CD. a real physical CD in a case from a store! it's been years. only it's the Lights album because apparently I am a masochist who enjoys the pain in my sinuses as I cry over the Shannon-shaped hole in my heart. FFFFFFF.

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