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Q: the structure of your sereies requires the same scene to appear in every episode. how do you keep it fresh?
A: put the main character in a bee costume.

five episodes in The Tatami Galaxy has become my new favourite show ever. it is all around really good and hits so many of my taste buttons. it would have to take an unimaginable dive to shit to let me down me at this point (I HOPE IT DOESN'T).
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DAY NINE: a song by your favourite artist

Imogen Heap wins as my favourite by being so unbelievably fun and friendly and always interacting with her fans as much as possible. also she doesn't seem to think that performing in Canada is "hard to justify financially". :P she needs to come back to Toronto sometime though, ffffff.

anyway so here is a song about the moment your life as you know it crumbles around you.


check out A Matter of Taste by Fulvio Bonavia (also Scent of Flower which is a similar concept)

I want it, and also I want to eat it.

EDIT: I love the internet
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sprained one of my big toes, it's a really annoying little injury as it's such a small part of my body that I don't even notice it if I'm not trying to move, but it renders me unable to walk. and I was going to see another waterfall tomorrow, too...! I blame the absurdly uneven floors in this house. anyway.

I'm excited to get my hands on the House of Five Leaves soundtrack when it comes out (assuming there will be one); it's an interesting mix of traditional Japanese music and synthesiser and electric guitar. one of the themes though reminds me so much of some of the music from Cat Soup that sometimes I half expect to see a giant man in a mouse costume come running up.

speaking of Cat Soup,


so from the reviews and reactions I had read, all of which focused on how abstract and surreal and difficult this show was, what I was basically expecting was Cat Soup with bitter philosophical narration. instead what I got was an absolutely endearing and clever take on the Faust legend (which, if you've ever spent time in the same room as me, you will probably know is my FAVOURITE) in which a college student, after realising he lacks all social skills necessary to maintain relationships, devotes himself with his demonic friend to destroying the relationships of others, until a matchmaking god tells him he has a chance with a certain woman and he endeavours to turn his life around. I have no idea what the rest of the episodes will be like, it doesn't seem the narrative is going to progress in a linear fashion, but if they're half as enjoyable as the first this will be one of new favourite series.

some of my immediate attachment to the characters comes from my general love of anything Faust related--the narrator and his friend are so much like the Faust and Mephistopheles that reside in my mind that I actually felt a little violated watching this. and the female lead/sort-of love interest, a very no-nonsense engineering student, was so awesome I didn't even have to stop and think, "wouldn't this be great if it was about a woman instead?"

also, and I feel like as an artist I should comment on this in greater length but I'm getting tired and confused, the art and character designs are really, really, really pretty.
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watched the first episode of House of Five Leaves, it was great. I really like the comic and Natsume Ono in general so I'm glad the show seems to be getting a fair amount of attention and positive responses. of course even if this adaptation doesn't work out well I will keep watching anyway because the art style is just that gorgeous.

I thought once while watching how even more awesome it would be if the two main characters were women. I know that would make no historical sense but it would just be so amazing to see more girls in fiction who were that interesting and well-written. I'm quite sick of the widely held view in fiction as well as reality that male=neutral, default. men can be anything but women can only be this narrow idea of women. welcome to the patriarchy.

but anyway the cat:

so cute ;;♥
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(for the record, the one with long hair and lipstick is a man, the one being called "my lord" is a woman, and Fumi Yoshinaga is the best.)
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first reaction: holy shit amazingly pretty performance of one of my favourite songs

anyway, I love Chisu. if you think maybe what your life needs is some really excellent Finnish electropop, perhaps you should download the album. 8>

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