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who is a good cat when he is not meowing in the dark and causing me to hit my head (or rolling around on my keyboard as he is currently).


I really should just be on tumblr or something.
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so tonight I was going to be at a Lady GaGa concert, you may recall me posting in bold blinky text the day I got up early and waited by my computer to get the (rather expensive) tickets. a little less than 48 hours ago, I bent over in the dark to pet my cat and hit the side of my head very hard against the corner of a wall. AND THEN THERE WAS CONCUSSION. very mild concussion, no blacking out or dialated pupils or internal bleeding or anything that will cause long term effects, but it turns out that even very mild brain trauma, when combined with ther other problems I've been having this week, is still enough to make it completely impossible for me to leave the house, let alone leave the house for an intensely loud colourful concert.

so I feel a bit bad because I am MISSING LADY GAGA BECAUSE I TRIED TO PET MY CAT but mostly I feel bad for ruining plans with Ad (HI AD NO I WILL NEVER FEEL NOT GUILTY) and wasting money. and I have this distant, abstract understanding that this is not actually my fault so I shouldn't feel responsible but I do anyway. also I feel weird. GUYS, here is my advice: never get your brain shaken up. I have like, a tiny tiny bruise if anything and that's been enough to give me wooziness and sleep problems and even more moods than usual. it's strange, I do not get injured a lot, I am not used to this idea of feeling crappy until things heal, haha.

I read all these stories that are like, "My dog headbutted me and now I have no job and I hate my children", and it kind of makes me wonder why we don't all wear helmets ALL THE TIME.

anyway so there's an update on the annoying stupidity in my life.
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DAY FOUR: a song that reminds you of someone

I feel a bit weird when I listen to this song...about a year ago I was listening to this album and I thought, hey! this song reminds me of Shannon, so I tried to figure out a way to tell someone that a sappy sad song made me think of them without actually being that strange, and I decided to give her a copy of the album while offhandedly mentioning that she should listen to this song. only when I did give it to her it was the very end of the day and she was in a bad mood and I was in a bad mood and I was so relieved when she told me she liked Sarah Slean that I sort of just fled the scene without saying anything in particular, haha. and then I was waiting for her to do some sort of "my soundtrack" meme so I could be like "LISTEN TO THIS SAPPY SONG OKAY" but she didn't. OH WELL.


spent a little while (and I had to look at a calendar to check how long because I have no concept of passing time) in Toronto at the residence of [ profile] flumpitt & [ profile] cupofearlgrey & Jeff-who-is-not-on-LJ, and that was cool. saw Matthew Barber which was great, and saw that new Robin Hood movie which was TERRIBLE. so terrible. like, not even the silly bad kind of terrible but the boring painful kind of terrible where half-way through I had to start listening to music so I didn't go insane from the massive shittiness of that movie. ugh.

anyway, their cats are much more interesting to look at than my cats

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skipping the official day two of this meme as thinking about every song I've ever disliked and picking out the worst would be an exercise of pain. SCREW THE RULES etc.

DAY TWO: a song that makes you happy

is it possible to make it through this video without laughing or dancing or both? I think not.

see also: this amazing Japanese cover, because dude.

I had something else to say but I can't remember so I think it was probably pointless? here is a picture of my cat with a fauxhawk.

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watched the first episode of House of Five Leaves, it was great. I really like the comic and Natsume Ono in general so I'm glad the show seems to be getting a fair amount of attention and positive responses. of course even if this adaptation doesn't work out well I will keep watching anyway because the art style is just that gorgeous.

I thought once while watching how even more awesome it would be if the two main characters were women. I know that would make no historical sense but it would just be so amazing to see more girls in fiction who were that interesting and well-written. I'm quite sick of the widely held view in fiction as well as reality that male=neutral, default. men can be anything but women can only be this narrow idea of women. welcome to the patriarchy.

but anyway the cat:

so cute ;;♥
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went back to Albion Falls, got closer this time!

found this piece of paper stuck in a bush:

it says ?????


birthday party cat is not amused.
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1. life is stressful. relaxing music is good for your health. try this:

2. Kim McCarty is really good:

3. a picture of a fat grey cat because there hasn't been one in a while:

BONUS LIFE UPDATE: I have bangs and an iMac and a cold. mostly the new computer makes up for the discomfort of the other two, though.

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