Apr. 18th, 2010

doctorconquest: (mononoke - slip her a smile)

watched the first episode of House of Five Leaves, it was great. I really like the comic and Natsume Ono in general so I'm glad the show seems to be getting a fair amount of attention and positive responses. of course even if this adaptation doesn't work out well I will keep watching anyway because the art style is just that gorgeous.

I thought once while watching how even more awesome it would be if the two main characters were women. I know that would make no historical sense but it would just be so amazing to see more girls in fiction who were that interesting and well-written. I'm quite sick of the widely held view in fiction as well as reality that male=neutral, default. men can be anything but women can only be this narrow idea of women. welcome to the patriarchy.

but anyway the cat:

so cute ;;♥

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