Jul. 11th, 2010

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so tonight I was going to be at a Lady GaGa concert, you may recall me posting in bold blinky text the day I got up early and waited by my computer to get the (rather expensive) tickets. a little less than 48 hours ago, I bent over in the dark to pet my cat and hit the side of my head very hard against the corner of a wall. AND THEN THERE WAS CONCUSSION. very mild concussion, no blacking out or dialated pupils or internal bleeding or anything that will cause long term effects, but it turns out that even very mild brain trauma, when combined with ther other problems I've been having this week, is still enough to make it completely impossible for me to leave the house, let alone leave the house for an intensely loud colourful concert.

so I feel a bit bad because I am MISSING LADY GAGA BECAUSE I TRIED TO PET MY CAT but mostly I feel bad for ruining plans with Ad (HI AD NO I WILL NEVER FEEL NOT GUILTY) and wasting money. and I have this distant, abstract understanding that this is not actually my fault so I shouldn't feel responsible but I do anyway. also I feel weird. GUYS, here is my advice: never get your brain shaken up. I have like, a tiny tiny bruise if anything and that's been enough to give me wooziness and sleep problems and even more moods than usual. it's strange, I do not get injured a lot, I am not used to this idea of feeling crappy until things heal, haha.

I read all these stories that are like, "My dog headbutted me and now I have no job and I hate my children", and it kind of makes me wonder why we don't all wear helmets ALL THE TIME.

anyway so there's an update on the annoying stupidity in my life.

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