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WHOA HEY LIVEJOURNAL. I've been doing some things. Pictures!

We've nearly completely redone my little art kitchen--new paint, new floor, new contraptions screwed into the walls. Here's what the wallpaper looked like before:

And here's what the walls look like now:

PRETTY CLASSY HUH. Stripes make everything cooler.

And I have a nice system now for storing all of my colourful paper--

It's becoming a very nice room. I have a lot of mixed feelings though, because on one hand it's like YAY A PRETTY ART ROOM I CAN GET LOTS OF WORK DONE but on the other hand it's like OH GOD I AM GOING TO BE STUCK HERE FOREVER I WILL NEVER MEET ANOTHER PERSON OR HAVE FRIENDS AGAIN SEND HELP IMMEDIATELY.


On a related note, I still can't decide if I want to go to Anime North this year. I'm not sure if I can expend the money/energy. I wish I could just...teleport there? No, I wish I had a hotel room to stay in like the good ol' days. It's a lot more fun when you can to and fro from a room and treat it like a mini vacation, haha.

Anyway what was I saying? Oh yeah I've done things. I'VE DONE MY HAIR. With indigo! It was the messiest thing ever, much worse than henna, and most of my belongings are stained with blue and green. Also stained with blue and green: most of my skin.'s washing off. Slowly.

Hair colour before and after:

As you can see, it's super effective!

Poorly lit phone photo before and after:

Please note that the indigo DYED MY EYEBROWS. This was not intentional, it just happened as the dye was rinsing out of my hair. Also: the rest of my body hair. ALSO THE REST OF MY BODY. Guys I don't recommend doing this if you have a social life in which temporarily looking like a fresh-water mermaid is unacceptable. The eyebrows are kind of nice though? I mean, they look twice as big now and I may have to apply the tweezers, but they match the hair? :'D

So, yes, I may now acquire some magic bells and leave home to fight the walking dead.


It occurs to me that I never posted these Doctor Who split pin people here, so

My mom made them the TARDIS. I tried to make a TARDIS but it was not square and my mom did not approve of the inaccuracy.

I recently got a bunch of Copic markers which were hella expensive but definitely worth it. The downside is that I'm allergic to them and can only use them with a surgical mask or dust mask on. Because life would be too easy otherwise.


The wind is howling so strongly that I fear for my safety. What happened, weather? Yesterday the grass was green and the windows were open, now we are covered in snow again. ):

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In the dim light early Wednesday morning takes place a duel of honour! Beautiful Lady Catherine's fiancé Lord Harold has challenged beautiful Lady Catherine's lover, the notorious non-traditional-gender-role-conforming lesbian Charlotte Thynne to a fight to the death! Clutching her handkerchief, Lady Catherine looks on in what appears to be horror and fear for her beloveds, comforted by her closest friend, Lord Harold's elegant sister Euphemia. However, unbeknownst to Lady Catherine, Euphemia has had a hand in the morning's spectacle--harbouring a secret love for her friend, it is she who told her brother of Charlotte's involvement with Lady Catherine and provoked him to the challenge, in hopes of eliminating her competition and knowing Lady Catherine will surely turn to her for support in her grief. But what is that look behind the picturesque dew of tears in Lady Catherine's eyes? Could it be...a glint of excitement? A sparkle of delight? A hint of derision? Fools! she thinks, as she feigns a swoon into Euphemia's arms. Who are they to claim to fight for me? As if I were a prize to be won and not an adult capable of making my own decisions? Listening to the clash of the blades she poisoned herself she knows that soon, free of both their stifling attentions, she will leave this place forever and live finally as an independent woman.


so I got some of these metal paper fasteners today with the intent of using them for poseable paper dolls, and instead I sat down at the kitchen table and did this.

I do have a compulsion to make everything into people. it is almost certain that, were I to find myself trapped in a room with a cabinet full of canned goods, I would immediately become the mayor of Can Town.

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