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DAY THREE: a song that makes you sad

currently in the process of making a rather large doll out of polymer clay (& other things). half-finished hand:

this is my first time working with polymer clay and my first time making a humanoid figure out of any clay so it is kind of like ??? but it's very fun and it will look impressive in the end.
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check out the plush-crested jay, its corvidae Stare of Terror is completely negated by that wise man eyebrow effect it's got going on. I think this is the only bird I've ever seen that can look bashful. seems like a good defense mechanism; something goes to eat it and it's all "what, me?" and it can't do it. or at least I couldn't do it. heartless bird hunting predators might not care.

anyway, in other news, I will have orange stains under my fingernails for the rest of eternity, and I'm about to test just how much cat hair can be stuck in a polymer clay figure before it goes up in flames in the oven.

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