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just wanted to test out my new scanner. GUYS IT IS A REALLY NICE SCANNER. it does things I did not know a scanner could do. ;3;

also: re-henna'd my whole head because I cannot face a haircut with roots everywhere (hair stylists are so judgmental I am terrified of them) so now I am DOUBLE RED, and also, every time I eat chocolate lately I get stomach cramps. I can't figure out why though, there's nothing in chocolate that should be bothering me. :|a

sing away

May. 6th, 2010 10:26 pm
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this meme seems to be all about songs so I think I can actually commit to it since posting songs at random is pretty much all I do here anyway.

DAY ONE: your favourite song

I already posted my ultimate favourite song a while ago but here's another one of my favourites! how many songs do you hear that portray the sexual experiences of a young woman in such a positive way? I am guessing: not a lot.


I love/hate the names for groups of birds. they are hilariously stupid. a group of waxwings is called an "earfull of waxwings" (EW) or a "museum of waxwings" (BOO). I think terns are the best though: a group of terns is a "U of terns". GET IT? GET IT? U terns? U-TURN? OH THOSE CLEVER ORNITHOLOGISTS.

some of them are quite modern (usually the least creative ones) but I'm willing to bet that most of these terms were thought up by the Victorians. everything that is silly and pointless was thought up by the Victorians.
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check out the plush-crested jay, its corvidae Stare of Terror is completely negated by that wise man eyebrow effect it's got going on. I think this is the only bird I've ever seen that can look bashful. seems like a good defense mechanism; something goes to eat it and it's all "what, me?" and it can't do it. or at least I couldn't do it. heartless bird hunting predators might not care.

anyway, in other news, I will have orange stains under my fingernails for the rest of eternity, and I'm about to test just how much cat hair can be stuck in a polymer clay figure before it goes up in flames in the oven.

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