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I was just informed via [profile] cupofearlgrey's journal that there is a super awesome fun Florence + the Machine concert for me to attend on November 3! I am a bit crap at paying attention to things and I hadn't realised what day it was on until now.

so that's cool but also a little bit of an annoying interference, as my plans for November 3 were to sit around all day crying and listening to "The Beekeeper" on repeat.

what does it say about me that I'm annoyed at not being able to sit around feeling miserable? DAMMIT LIFE DON'T MAKE ME HAVE FUN I JUST WANT TO BE USELESS AND UNHAPPY...!

but anyway the concert will be great.
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you know, when I bought the LIGHTS album I cried for six hours straight because I missed Shannon so much? but for some reason it didn't occur to me that the same thing would happen while it was RIGHT THERE BEING PERFORMED LIVE. 8|a I did not properly prepare myself for that. "Saviour" broke me.

anyway, Lilith Fair was uh... wet. and exhausting. and fun in that there was cool live music when I wasn't crying through it? but yeah. I think that experience completely ended my love of rain. I couldn't even listen to my soothing thunderstorm to help me sleep, haha.

also: ADORABLE LESBIAN COUPLES EVERYWHERE and so many cool ladies I wish the rest of the world looked like those grounds did. >:
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DAY THREE: a song that makes you sad

currently in the process of making a rather large doll out of polymer clay (& other things). half-finished hand:

this is my first time working with polymer clay and my first time making a humanoid figure out of any clay so it is kind of like ??? but it's very fun and it will look impressive in the end.

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