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Markers! I've been trying to learn how to use them.

First, a quick self-portrait I did to commemorate my 20th birthday! L-LOOKIN' GOOD .__.;; The lights in this room heat it up really quickly so I am usually in varying states of undress when working. Also I just prefer not wearing clothes to wearing clothes, screw clothes, I don't have time for that shit.


The hat I got to wear with my plague doctor mask/Anime North costume--it's like wearing a small black hole on your head! Good for keeping the sun out of your eyes, though.

Then I learned that it is VERY VERY IMPORTANT to use the right kind of paper with markers or else everything will go heart-breakingly wrong.

This I did on paper that was thick and soft and fibrous and it ruined two of my markers and turned out blotchy and horrible. Experienced XTREME!! frustration trying to make the sky not be all streaky (as you can see I did no succeed).


Clearly the best way to acquaint oneself with a new medium is with FIVE ZILLION LEAVES, yeah?


Outfit for Anime North (and whereever else I feel like going dressed as an anachronistic-magpie-nightmare) involves wings that will hopefully look and function rather like this (but more magpie-ish), so I've been making feathers and... making more feathers. SO MANY FEATHERS. I must keep telling myself it is worth it, haha.

Some of the iridescent secondary feathers:

aaand I need to get my ass back into gear and PAINT MORE FEATHERS. You guys it is not a very stimulating or fulfulling task. WINGS WILL BE AWESOME, WINGS WILL BE AWESOME, KEEP TELLING MYSELF THIS....

EDIT: OH ALSO, not that I haven't mentioned this before, but this is my tumblr, I post a lot of nonsense.
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here is something I started a long time ago; it was meant to be a quick and easy thing to get me back into acrylic painting but it ended up taking SO LONG because I kept putting it aside for weeks or months to do other things. MY ATTENTION SPAN, IT IS NOT THE GREATEST. anyway, I recently ruined my main reference photo by spilling a glass of water on it (clever!!) so now I can never finish this properly, but you know what, you know what, I think the point comes across alright as it is and I want to just move on now to something actually interesting and relevant.

seriously, this was ages ago, my hair is like twice that length now.

I just remembered that my copy of The Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls will be getting here soon! HOORAY FOR A SUPER UPSETTING BOOK.
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guys the henna people weren't lying, it's darkening like crazy. I'm very close to my original desire of stop sign red and this is enough to warrant another terrifying picture.


also if you ever feel the need to turn your head orange I've made this helpful chart comparing some of the effects of henna vs standard hair dye:

of course this was done before I went out at all so there's one extremely important henna side-effect it neglects to mention, and that is that I now SPARKLE IN THE SUN LIKE A MOTHERFUCKING CULLEN.

seriously I think I almost blinded a couple people on my walk today.
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I decided to henna my hair because I have nothing better to do with my life than put disgusting green glop on my head and see what happens. it was one of the most messy, unpleasant experiences of my life but I am too nearly asleep to complain about it so instead here are before & after pictures! note that the before picture is not my natural hair colour but the faded results of the very disappointing "intense red copper" chemicals in a box dye I had used a little while ago.

I can't look directly at the camera it will steal my soul

also note that my hair is unwashed in both of these pictures because FUCK SHOWERING I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THAT SHIT.

my sleep has been worse than usual because some jackass spider got stuck in my shirt and bit my back and it hurts like a motherfucker. I've been raised to be kind to spiders and let them go about their business but I think I can say that I am officially done with that bullshit and I will now proceed to murder them on sight. anything in my house that has the ability to make me sore and ill for days with one little bite needs to be crushed. NO MERCY.

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