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Markers! I've been trying to learn how to use them.

First, a quick self-portrait I did to commemorate my 20th birthday! L-LOOKIN' GOOD .__.;; The lights in this room heat it up really quickly so I am usually in varying states of undress when working. Also I just prefer not wearing clothes to wearing clothes, screw clothes, I don't have time for that shit.


The hat I got to wear with my plague doctor mask/Anime North costume--it's like wearing a small black hole on your head! Good for keeping the sun out of your eyes, though.

Then I learned that it is VERY VERY IMPORTANT to use the right kind of paper with markers or else everything will go heart-breakingly wrong.

This I did on paper that was thick and soft and fibrous and it ruined two of my markers and turned out blotchy and horrible. Experienced XTREME!! frustration trying to make the sky not be all streaky (as you can see I did no succeed).


Clearly the best way to acquaint oneself with a new medium is with FIVE ZILLION LEAVES, yeah?


Outfit for Anime North (and whereever else I feel like going dressed as an anachronistic-magpie-nightmare) involves wings that will hopefully look and function rather like this (but more magpie-ish), so I've been making feathers and... making more feathers. SO MANY FEATHERS. I must keep telling myself it is worth it, haha.

Some of the iridescent secondary feathers:

aaand I need to get my ass back into gear and PAINT MORE FEATHERS. You guys it is not a very stimulating or fulfulling task. WINGS WILL BE AWESOME, WINGS WILL BE AWESOME, KEEP TELLING MYSELF THIS....

EDIT: OH ALSO, not that I haven't mentioned this before, but this is my tumblr, I post a lot of nonsense.
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WHOA HEY LIVEJOURNAL. I've been doing some things. Pictures!

We've nearly completely redone my little art kitchen--new paint, new floor, new contraptions screwed into the walls. Here's what the wallpaper looked like before:

And here's what the walls look like now:

PRETTY CLASSY HUH. Stripes make everything cooler.

And I have a nice system now for storing all of my colourful paper--

It's becoming a very nice room. I have a lot of mixed feelings though, because on one hand it's like YAY A PRETTY ART ROOM I CAN GET LOTS OF WORK DONE but on the other hand it's like OH GOD I AM GOING TO BE STUCK HERE FOREVER I WILL NEVER MEET ANOTHER PERSON OR HAVE FRIENDS AGAIN SEND HELP IMMEDIATELY.


On a related note, I still can't decide if I want to go to Anime North this year. I'm not sure if I can expend the money/energy. I wish I could just...teleport there? No, I wish I had a hotel room to stay in like the good ol' days. It's a lot more fun when you can to and fro from a room and treat it like a mini vacation, haha.

Anyway what was I saying? Oh yeah I've done things. I'VE DONE MY HAIR. With indigo! It was the messiest thing ever, much worse than henna, and most of my belongings are stained with blue and green. Also stained with blue and green: most of my skin.'s washing off. Slowly.

Hair colour before and after:

As you can see, it's super effective!

Poorly lit phone photo before and after:

Please note that the indigo DYED MY EYEBROWS. This was not intentional, it just happened as the dye was rinsing out of my hair. Also: the rest of my body hair. ALSO THE REST OF MY BODY. Guys I don't recommend doing this if you have a social life in which temporarily looking like a fresh-water mermaid is unacceptable. The eyebrows are kind of nice though? I mean, they look twice as big now and I may have to apply the tweezers, but they match the hair? :'D

So, yes, I may now acquire some magic bells and leave home to fight the walking dead.


It occurs to me that I never posted these Doctor Who split pin people here, so

My mom made them the TARDIS. I tried to make a TARDIS but it was not square and my mom did not approve of the inaccuracy.

I recently got a bunch of Copic markers which were hella expensive but definitely worth it. The downside is that I'm allergic to them and can only use them with a surgical mask or dust mask on. Because life would be too easy otherwise.


The wind is howling so strongly that I fear for my safety. What happened, weather? Yesterday the grass was green and the windows were open, now we are covered in snow again. ):

/monthly life update

let's go

Feb. 19th, 2011 11:03 pm
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oh hey ladies, what're you up to there? oh, you're opening a portal to another dimension in the pages of my notebooks? well that's cool I guess I'll just uh... leave you to that then.

hello 2011!

Jan. 2nd, 2011 01:11 am
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I made a list of some of the most pressing issues!

I figure maybe if I listen to this song on repeat forever then I might actually be able to accomplish some stuff:

bah bah bah BAH BAH BAH bah bah bah BAH BAH BAH

Anyway, obligatory festive New Year's Eve photo.

hell yes.

Well, I hope everyone has an okay 2011! I distinctly remember the beginning of 2010 when I did really stupid things with acetaminophen and French Cross wrote about about how horrible 2009 had been. 2010 was pretty horrible too, but in a less dramatic way--a lot of its horribleness was dealing with the leftover horribleness of 2009 and previous years. 2011 is either the year when things start to get better or the year when I curl up and die, and I'm bloody well not ready to die so there's really only one option!

PS, I am rereading Garth Nix's Abhorsen series because it is always fantastic and I am really annoyed that "disreputablebitch" is one character too long to be an LJ name. IT IS THE PERFECT USERNAME FOR ME GODDAMN.
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It is this little knife with the tiniest blade ever that I use for cutting paper! However, what the zombies don't know is that according to the package it came in, this knife contains chemicals known in the state of California to cause cancer. FUCK YEAH, CANCER KNIFE?!

Also it swivels so it can like, cut round corners and shit. Bring it on, zombies!


Oct. 31st, 2010 11:22 pm
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mostly I slept through it! my stomach is misbehaving and I seem to be fending off a potential UTI (whyyyyyy). anyway, I did nothing but listen to the dog bark repeatedly as kids came to our door and I wore no costume because I am saving my costuming funds for

future plague doctor cosplay!!

plague doctor outfit will not involve witch hat or awesome crop-top hoodie, but it will involve syringes and possibly roping others into my cosplaying madness.

also, when will I stop listening to Gaba Kulka's cover of "London Calling" on repeat? NEVER, because it is the best thing and she is amazing.

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went to a textile museum with [profile] flumpitt a few days ago (WE ARE EXCITING PEOPLE WE DO EXCITING THINGS) and there was no one else around so we got goofy pictures.

at a loom!

giant naked fabric man!

and another!

note that halfway through this outing I realised my tight belt was causing acid reflux (fact: in my body, everything causes acid reflux, even thinking too hard about acid reflux), but when loosened the skirt was trying its best to escape from my body for the rest of the day. CAN'T WIN.

terrifying stuffed horse!

"I must say I enjoyed the horse": best guestbook comment ever.
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who is a good cat when he is not meowing in the dark and causing me to hit my head (or rolling around on my keyboard as he is currently).


I really should just be on tumblr or something.
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the neighbour's shed that is about two metres from our house started on fire! three minutes later I registered the sudden disgusting smell as smoke (first thought: iMac is melting, second thought: these pants really need a wash) and went to the back window to be met with FIRE. I woke my mom up after I convinced myself that it probably wasn't an intentional fire and I should probably do something and by the time we were done discussing whether or not we should call for help because maybe someone already called for help?? the firetrucks had already arrived. we are the best in an emergency, don't deny it.

I am a human being with a camera phone so I got a picture:

this was just the beginning; the whole shed was up in flames within a couple minutes but by that point I had run away from the window because fire and people in gas masks are two of my least favourite things.

irrational gas mask fear aside, you know what I am grateful for? firefighters! it is pretty great that there are people willing to drive out in the middle of the night and throw themselves into a burning building. fuck yeah, firefighters.

anyway so the neighbour's shed is a wreck, our entire house smells like smoke (and it will be difficult to air out since this dump has NO FUNCTIONAL WINDOWS IS THAT EVEN LEGAL I am so glad we're moving soon), there are a bunch of men hanging around yelling important things at each other and my plans to sleep tonight have been ruined. like I said I really do not like fire particularly when it is BIG and CLOSE so I'm feeling nervous and uncomfortable even though it was dealt with quickly. fffff.

I think actifed is justified tonight, especially since the smoke has made my throat sore and my eyes tweak out. :|a
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DAY FIVE: a song that reminds you of somewhere

this song

reminds me of this place

the parking lot entrance of old South Grenville. this is where I would sit to wait for someone to come get me when I couldn't make it through the day which by the end of the first semester of grade 12 was almost every day so I just gave up going at all. anyway I listened to this song a lot to cheer up/calm down. Milla Jovovich is a pretty talented lady.

I was a bit confused for a moment over all the articles about minors not receiving life sentences that were popping up on the various activism sites I frequent--not one of them specified in which country this was happening. of course it is the US but seriously these are websites with global visitors, not everyone who reads English lives in fucking America. Canada already doesn't give life sentences to minors even for murder so I was very "wait what?" when I saw the headlines, haha.

edit: and I renewed my paid account because I cannot live without endless tags and userpics. ;;; the only thing that stopped it from going through automatically was the billing address, which has changed because WE MOVED DUH. an we're moving again in two weeks. I JUST LEARNED THIS PHONE NUMBER, DAMMIT. )':
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DAY FOUR: a song that reminds you of someone

I feel a bit weird when I listen to this song...about a year ago I was listening to this album and I thought, hey! this song reminds me of Shannon, so I tried to figure out a way to tell someone that a sappy sad song made me think of them without actually being that strange, and I decided to give her a copy of the album while offhandedly mentioning that she should listen to this song. only when I did give it to her it was the very end of the day and she was in a bad mood and I was in a bad mood and I was so relieved when she told me she liked Sarah Slean that I sort of just fled the scene without saying anything in particular, haha. and then I was waiting for her to do some sort of "my soundtrack" meme so I could be like "LISTEN TO THIS SAPPY SONG OKAY" but she didn't. OH WELL.


spent a little while (and I had to look at a calendar to check how long because I have no concept of passing time) in Toronto at the residence of [ profile] flumpitt & [ profile] cupofearlgrey & Jeff-who-is-not-on-LJ, and that was cool. saw Matthew Barber which was great, and saw that new Robin Hood movie which was TERRIBLE. so terrible. like, not even the silly bad kind of terrible but the boring painful kind of terrible where half-way through I had to start listening to music so I didn't go insane from the massive shittiness of that movie. ugh.

anyway, their cats are much more interesting to look at than my cats

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skipping the official day two of this meme as thinking about every song I've ever disliked and picking out the worst would be an exercise of pain. SCREW THE RULES etc.

DAY TWO: a song that makes you happy

is it possible to make it through this video without laughing or dancing or both? I think not.

see also: this amazing Japanese cover, because dude.

I had something else to say but I can't remember so I think it was probably pointless? here is a picture of my cat with a fauxhawk.

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I decided to henna my hair because I have nothing better to do with my life than put disgusting green glop on my head and see what happens. it was one of the most messy, unpleasant experiences of my life but I am too nearly asleep to complain about it so instead here are before & after pictures! note that the before picture is not my natural hair colour but the faded results of the very disappointing "intense red copper" chemicals in a box dye I had used a little while ago.

I can't look directly at the camera it will steal my soul

also note that my hair is unwashed in both of these pictures because FUCK SHOWERING I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THAT SHIT.

my sleep has been worse than usual because some jackass spider got stuck in my shirt and bit my back and it hurts like a motherfucker. I've been raised to be kind to spiders and let them go about their business but I think I can say that I am officially done with that bullshit and I will now proceed to murder them on sight. anything in my house that has the ability to make me sore and ill for days with one little bite needs to be crushed. NO MERCY.
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guess where I went today! that's right, to a MOTHERFUCKING WATERFALL!!!

Felker's Falls

it was very nice to stand by but difficult to get pictures without falling off the cliff

as the frequent signs helpfully reminded me.

I got a video of it but it's sideways and watching it feels like being in an M.C. Escher print.

then we walked by a creek and I wore myself out scrambling excitedly over little rocks.

not pictured: me, because I never let anyone else hold the camera.

I would be a terrible video game character because my health goes from full to empty with no warning. you'd think I would learn from all the commercials to carry granola bars around with me when I go for walks!

my mom took me to a bookstore to distract me from wanting to see more waterfalls and I realised that I'm out of Temeraire books to read. now I have to wait for the next one with everyone else. 8( buuut I got All My Darling Daughters because Fumi Yoshinaga, so.
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went back to Albion Falls, got closer this time!

found this piece of paper stuck in a bush:

it says ?????


birthday party cat is not amused.
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today after I had finished Flipping the Fuck Out we went to see some waterfalls! Hamilton has a lot of these because we are on a lake and everywhere is cliffs and hills (my ears pop at least five times during the drive into town).

Devil's Punch Bowl

Albion Falls

also: shrine to the great doughnut god??

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1. life is stressful. relaxing music is good for your health. try this:

2. Kim McCarty is really good:

3. a picture of a fat grey cat because there hasn't been one in a while:

BONUS LIFE UPDATE: I have bangs and an iMac and a cold. mostly the new computer makes up for the discomfort of the other two, though.
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finally had an opportunity to wear that darn dress. photographic evidence was acquired. HUZZAH.

can't hide that nose no matter how I try to turn my head )

so that was pretty fun!

also: today I bought a CD. a real physical CD in a case from a store! it's been years. only it's the Lights album because apparently I am a masochist who enjoys the pain in my sinuses as I cry over the Shannon-shaped hole in my heart. FFFFFFF.

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