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the neighbour's shed that is about two metres from our house started on fire! three minutes later I registered the sudden disgusting smell as smoke (first thought: iMac is melting, second thought: these pants really need a wash) and went to the back window to be met with FIRE. I woke my mom up after I convinced myself that it probably wasn't an intentional fire and I should probably do something and by the time we were done discussing whether or not we should call for help because maybe someone already called for help?? the firetrucks had already arrived. we are the best in an emergency, don't deny it.

I am a human being with a camera phone so I got a picture:

this was just the beginning; the whole shed was up in flames within a couple minutes but by that point I had run away from the window because fire and people in gas masks are two of my least favourite things.

irrational gas mask fear aside, you know what I am grateful for? firefighters! it is pretty great that there are people willing to drive out in the middle of the night and throw themselves into a burning building. fuck yeah, firefighters.

anyway so the neighbour's shed is a wreck, our entire house smells like smoke (and it will be difficult to air out since this dump has NO FUNCTIONAL WINDOWS IS THAT EVEN LEGAL I am so glad we're moving soon), there are a bunch of men hanging around yelling important things at each other and my plans to sleep tonight have been ruined. like I said I really do not like fire particularly when it is BIG and CLOSE so I'm feeling nervous and uncomfortable even though it was dealt with quickly. fffff.

I think actifed is justified tonight, especially since the smoke has made my throat sore and my eyes tweak out. :|a

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