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Feb. 19th, 2011 11:03 pm
doctorconquest: (birds - no exit)

oh hey ladies, what're you up to there? oh, you're opening a portal to another dimension in the pages of my notebooks? well that's cool I guess I'll just uh... leave you to that then.
doctorconquest: (beaton - skitter skitter)

the slightly surreal picture I made for Ad as a Christmas present. PS, THESE CATS ARE THE CUTEST CATS:

Also, my grandmother sent me wireless headphones for Christmas so now I can wander the entire house without repeatedly dropping my iPhone/getting tangled in headphone wires. My quality of life has significantly improved.

me + you

Dec. 2nd, 2010 01:27 am
doctorconquest: (tori - better be big)

skipping school.


tiny silhouette people are the most fun. it's nice to make things that look like things without having to draw in every detail, haha.

also, grey cat photo of the day:

Tagger sunning himself under a lamp.
doctorconquest: (art - seated woman with a parasol)

I have come with my mustard seed
--I cannot accept that she will be taken from me.


as usual, I frustrate myself by making things that can't fit in my scanner.
doctorconquest: (art - seated woman with the parasol)

things are getting kind of gross.

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