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guess where I went today! that's right, to a MOTHERFUCKING WATERFALL!!!

Felker's Falls

it was very nice to stand by but difficult to get pictures without falling off the cliff

as the frequent signs helpfully reminded me.

I got a video of it but it's sideways and watching it feels like being in an M.C. Escher print.

then we walked by a creek and I wore myself out scrambling excitedly over little rocks.

not pictured: me, because I never let anyone else hold the camera.

I would be a terrible video game character because my health goes from full to empty with no warning. you'd think I would learn from all the commercials to carry granola bars around with me when I go for walks!

my mom took me to a bookstore to distract me from wanting to see more waterfalls and I realised that I'm out of Temeraire books to read. now I have to wait for the next one with everyone else. 8( buuut I got All My Darling Daughters because Fumi Yoshinaga, so.
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and then it repeats 48 pages and resumes on 267, making it rather difficult to continue.

I guess I should take this as a sign to stop reading about dragons and start reading about whatever the hell I'm supposed to be reading about for school.

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(for the record, the one with long hair and lipstick is a man, the one being called "my lord" is a woman, and Fumi Yoshinaga is the best.)

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