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in a shocking twist!! Telus charged us (correctly) for one iPhone and sent two. this is very unusual, as I am in this world generally accustomed to paying more and getting less.

on the downside my mom has morals or something apparently and is sending the extra back. I tried to convince her that it was Telus's way of saying "sorry you haven't seen your father/husband in months because he's busy working for our shitty company" but she wouldn't have it.

anyway explaining the situation to customer services and activating the little monstrosity was not a pleasant experience and would have ended in tragedy if I was not in possession of some very small, sharp tweezers and by the end of it I was screaming and bruising myself and my mom told me to "shut up, there's no need for that" because that is the responsible parental way to handle your daughter's panic attacks, don't you know.

but long story short I guess I have a phone now? it's called Adiya and my iMac is called Asmodeus and together they shall rule the technological world (???).

PS, hey deviantART I've got a great suggestion for a DD! how about a shitty photomanipulation glamourising violence against women? because surely the approximately three you have every single day aren't enough!
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