Jun. 1st, 2010 11:20 pm
doctorconquest: (art - peekaboo)
hey it's June! wow I've got some shit to do! still slowly revamping this journal to suit the next stage of my existence, which will ideally involve art and school and thinking very hard about little things and not much else.

anyway so despite my internet self-esteem dropping along with the numbers listed on my profile I've finally cleaned up the journals I follow since a huge number of them were either inactive or so much about things I did not understand that I scrolled past every entry. this journal will always be open though because I don't have the patience anymore for the politics of LJ friending and also because I am not in a position where there is anyone to get me in trouble for anything I say. which is nice, but also a constant reminder that I really should have a job or socialise with my peers or something. um.

aaand I'm a bit busy right now because we are about to move again (new house is very cool and does not have depressing dentist office carpet!). haven't been keeping up very well, sorry. I WILL GET TO EVERYTHING ONCE MY LIFE IS NOT IN CARDBOARD BOXES~

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