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who is a good cat when he is not meowing in the dark and causing me to hit my head (or rolling around on my keyboard as he is currently).


I really should just be on tumblr or something.
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so tonight I was going to be at a Lady GaGa concert, you may recall me posting in bold blinky text the day I got up early and waited by my computer to get the (rather expensive) tickets. a little less than 48 hours ago, I bent over in the dark to pet my cat and hit the side of my head very hard against the corner of a wall. AND THEN THERE WAS CONCUSSION. very mild concussion, no blacking out or dialated pupils or internal bleeding or anything that will cause long term effects, but it turns out that even very mild brain trauma, when combined with ther other problems I've been having this week, is still enough to make it completely impossible for me to leave the house, let alone leave the house for an intensely loud colourful concert.

so I feel a bit bad because I am MISSING LADY GAGA BECAUSE I TRIED TO PET MY CAT but mostly I feel bad for ruining plans with Ad (HI AD NO I WILL NEVER FEEL NOT GUILTY) and wasting money. and I have this distant, abstract understanding that this is not actually my fault so I shouldn't feel responsible but I do anyway. also I feel weird. GUYS, here is my advice: never get your brain shaken up. I have like, a tiny tiny bruise if anything and that's been enough to give me wooziness and sleep problems and even more moods than usual. it's strange, I do not get injured a lot, I am not used to this idea of feeling crappy until things heal, haha.

I read all these stories that are like, "My dog headbutted me and now I have no job and I hate my children", and it kind of makes me wonder why we don't all wear helmets ALL THE TIME.

anyway so there's an update on the annoying stupidity in my life.
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just wanted to test out my new scanner. GUYS IT IS A REALLY NICE SCANNER. it does things I did not know a scanner could do. ;3;

also: re-henna'd my whole head because I cannot face a haircut with roots everywhere (hair stylists are so judgmental I am terrified of them) so now I am DOUBLE RED, and also, every time I eat chocolate lately I get stomach cramps. I can't figure out why though, there's nothing in chocolate that should be bothering me. :|a
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if you feel like vomiting today perhaps you should read this article or maybe this one and learn about this Cornell surgeon condoning and performing genital mutilation on girls whose bodies are considered unacceptable in our society's gender binary. because today, cutting off part of a girl's clitoris for no health-related reason is not actually the most disgusting part of this. today we get to learn about his follow-up examinations:

"At annual visits after the surgery, while a parent watches, Poppas touches the daughter’s surgically shortened clitoris with a cotton-tip applicator and/or with a “vibratory device,” and the girl is asked to report to Poppas how strongly she feels him touching her clitoris. Using the vibrator, he also touches her on her inner thigh, her labia minora, and the introitus of her vagina, asking her to report, on a scale of 0 (no sensation) to 5 (maximum), how strongly she feels the touch. Yang, Felsen, and Poppas also report a “capillary perfusion testing,” which means a physician or nurse pushes a finger nail on the girl’s clitoris to see if the blood goes away and comes back, a sign of healthy tissue. Poppas has indicated in this article and elsewhere that ideally he seeks to conduct annual exams with these girls. He intends to chart the development of their sexual sensation over time."

are you




my first shocked thought while reading this was that if Japan made an animated porn like this (and they would), it would be banned in the US and the people caught importing it would get in some serious shit. because that has happened. but apparently that doesn't stop this from happening.

seem to recall there is a song about the circumstances under which we allow crimes like this. a song I listen to at least five times on any given day in an attempt to maintain the little emotional stability I have.

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I was going to go to bed tonight, but then I remembered how much I love Pat Benatar

so I danced around in my underwear instead.

I fear that in the pie chart of my life "dancing around in underwear" would be quite a significant slice.
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so apparently one of our new neighbours likes to play the drums

at night

by my window.

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I would happily sell my soul for hair like Florence Welch's

just, you know, putting that out there.
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there's a police standoff in progress in our neighbourhood, only it is not our neighbourhood anymore because we (that is, the movers) just moved most of our stuff. THANKFULLY.

when we pulled up to the new house there was a possum in the neighbour's yard. never actually seen a live possum before. turns out: they're just as ugly as everyone makes them out to be.

I am tired and hungry. but I get an art room with cupboards and a sink! awesoooome.


Jun. 1st, 2010 11:20 pm
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hey it's June! wow I've got some shit to do! still slowly revamping this journal to suit the next stage of my existence, which will ideally involve art and school and thinking very hard about little things and not much else.

anyway so despite my internet self-esteem dropping along with the numbers listed on my profile I've finally cleaned up the journals I follow since a huge number of them were either inactive or so much about things I did not understand that I scrolled past every entry. this journal will always be open though because I don't have the patience anymore for the politics of LJ friending and also because I am not in a position where there is anyone to get me in trouble for anything I say. which is nice, but also a constant reminder that I really should have a job or socialise with my peers or something. um.

aaand I'm a bit busy right now because we are about to move again (new house is very cool and does not have depressing dentist office carpet!). haven't been keeping up very well, sorry. I WILL GET TO EVERYTHING ONCE MY LIFE IS NOT IN CARDBOARD BOXES~
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so today I had cramps so bad that I started screaming and passed out. then I came to, threw up, and have been crying on the bathroom floor since.

can someone remove this pathetic excuse for a reproductive organ from my body? considering I have no desire to use it ever this is rather more than I think I should have to put up with.

edit: okay it just suddenly mostly stopped hurting. I was a bit too busy writhing and weeping to pay close attention to where the pain was but I think this could have possibly been my old friend the OVARIAN CYST. which is also not a good sign.

edit again: also HAPPY BIRTHDAY [profile] cupofearlgrey WOULD YOU LIKE TO HEAR MORE ABOUT MY UTERUS. yeah this was the worst birthday wishes post ever. oops.
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Q: the structure of your sereies requires the same scene to appear in every episode. how do you keep it fresh?
A: put the main character in a bee costume.

five episodes in The Tatami Galaxy has become my new favourite show ever. it is all around really good and hits so many of my taste buttons. it would have to take an unimaginable dive to shit to let me down me at this point (I HOPE IT DOESN'T).
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DAY NINE: a song by your favourite artist

Imogen Heap wins as my favourite by being so unbelievably fun and friendly and always interacting with her fans as much as possible. also she doesn't seem to think that performing in Canada is "hard to justify financially". :P she needs to come back to Toronto sometime though, ffffff.

anyway so here is a song about the moment your life as you know it crumbles around you.


check out A Matter of Taste by Fulvio Bonavia (also Scent of Flower which is a similar concept)

I want it, and also I want to eat it.

EDIT: I love the internet
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DAY SEVEN: a song to which you can dance

FACT: I can and will dance to anything. something like this does make it easier though.

I love tribal fusion stuff and it's kind of silly because it's pure musical exoticism, but I like drums and I like trip-hop and I like belly dance so it's difficult to resist. ;3;
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the neighbour's shed that is about two metres from our house started on fire! three minutes later I registered the sudden disgusting smell as smoke (first thought: iMac is melting, second thought: these pants really need a wash) and went to the back window to be met with FIRE. I woke my mom up after I convinced myself that it probably wasn't an intentional fire and I should probably do something and by the time we were done discussing whether or not we should call for help because maybe someone already called for help?? the firetrucks had already arrived. we are the best in an emergency, don't deny it.

I am a human being with a camera phone so I got a picture:

this was just the beginning; the whole shed was up in flames within a couple minutes but by that point I had run away from the window because fire and people in gas masks are two of my least favourite things.

irrational gas mask fear aside, you know what I am grateful for? firefighters! it is pretty great that there are people willing to drive out in the middle of the night and throw themselves into a burning building. fuck yeah, firefighters.

anyway so the neighbour's shed is a wreck, our entire house smells like smoke (and it will be difficult to air out since this dump has NO FUNCTIONAL WINDOWS IS THAT EVEN LEGAL I am so glad we're moving soon), there are a bunch of men hanging around yelling important things at each other and my plans to sleep tonight have been ruined. like I said I really do not like fire particularly when it is BIG and CLOSE so I'm feeling nervous and uncomfortable even though it was dealt with quickly. fffff.

I think actifed is justified tonight, especially since the smoke has made my throat sore and my eyes tweak out. :|a
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skipping the proper next day of this song thing because the events I associate with songs are either so trivial I don't want to write about them or so traumatic I don't want to write about them. 8Db so.

DAY SIX: a song to which you know all the words

I know the lyrics of nearly every English language song to which I ever listen because I guess I have nothing better to store in my brain, so here's one that took a bit more effort.

the music video makes the song seem rather intimidating, kind of like "we will fucking survive or I will tear this man's head off". also, close-ups of people making out: probably not as attractive as the director thinks?
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DAY FIVE: a song that reminds you of somewhere

this song

reminds me of this place

the parking lot entrance of old South Grenville. this is where I would sit to wait for someone to come get me when I couldn't make it through the day which by the end of the first semester of grade 12 was almost every day so I just gave up going at all. anyway I listened to this song a lot to cheer up/calm down. Milla Jovovich is a pretty talented lady.

I was a bit confused for a moment over all the articles about minors not receiving life sentences that were popping up on the various activism sites I frequent--not one of them specified in which country this was happening. of course it is the US but seriously these are websites with global visitors, not everyone who reads English lives in fucking America. Canada already doesn't give life sentences to minors even for murder so I was very "wait what?" when I saw the headlines, haha.

edit: and I renewed my paid account because I cannot live without endless tags and userpics. ;;; the only thing that stopped it from going through automatically was the billing address, which has changed because WE MOVED DUH. an we're moving again in two weeks. I JUST LEARNED THIS PHONE NUMBER, DAMMIT. )':
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DAY FOUR: a song that reminds you of someone

I feel a bit weird when I listen to this song...about a year ago I was listening to this album and I thought, hey! this song reminds me of Shannon, so I tried to figure out a way to tell someone that a sappy sad song made me think of them without actually being that strange, and I decided to give her a copy of the album while offhandedly mentioning that she should listen to this song. only when I did give it to her it was the very end of the day and she was in a bad mood and I was in a bad mood and I was so relieved when she told me she liked Sarah Slean that I sort of just fled the scene without saying anything in particular, haha. and then I was waiting for her to do some sort of "my soundtrack" meme so I could be like "LISTEN TO THIS SAPPY SONG OKAY" but she didn't. OH WELL.


spent a little while (and I had to look at a calendar to check how long because I have no concept of passing time) in Toronto at the residence of [ profile] flumpitt & [ profile] cupofearlgrey & Jeff-who-is-not-on-LJ, and that was cool. saw Matthew Barber which was great, and saw that new Robin Hood movie which was TERRIBLE. so terrible. like, not even the silly bad kind of terrible but the boring painful kind of terrible where half-way through I had to start listening to music so I didn't go insane from the massive shittiness of that movie. ugh.

anyway, their cats are much more interesting to look at than my cats

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1. there is actually a show on Food Network called "Bitchin' Kitchen"

2. there is actually a show on Food Network called "Bitchin' Kitchen"

3. there is actually a show on Food Network called "Bitchin' Kitchen"

4. there is actually a real show on my TV called "Bitchin' Kitchen"

5. please bring me a sacrifice, my killing urge is beyond control

6. also [profile] flumpitt should sue.

edit: I DO NOT CARE HOW COOL AND CANADIAN SHE IS THIS IS COMPLETELY FUCKING UNACCEPTABLE. anyway I'm going to go take allergy pills and break shit and fall asleep now, hopefully as a culmination of two weeks of repressed rage so that I may reset and start over relatively rage free. and make LJ entries that make sense a little bit.
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DAY THREE: a song that makes you sad

currently in the process of making a rather large doll out of polymer clay (& other things). half-finished hand:

this is my first time working with polymer clay and my first time making a humanoid figure out of any clay so it is kind of like ??? but it's very fun and it will look impressive in the end.
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skipping the official day two of this meme as thinking about every song I've ever disliked and picking out the worst would be an exercise of pain. SCREW THE RULES etc.

DAY TWO: a song that makes you happy

is it possible to make it through this video without laughing or dancing or both? I think not.

see also: this amazing Japanese cover, because dude.

I had something else to say but I can't remember so I think it was probably pointless? here is a picture of my cat with a fauxhawk.

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